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Foot Treatments

Callus Peel is a 4-step treatment for dry skin, callus and cracked heels. It is safe, hygienic and painless. It takes a mere 20 minutes to take your feet from zero to perfect super soft feet. It appeals to men and women and can transform the way your feet feel and look in no time at all.

Improve your foot treatment by opening the pores of the skin to allow deeper penetration of oils and moisturising agents. Ideal for softening cuticles, moisturising dry nails and enhancing treatment benefits

Callus Peel £25

Luxury Heated Pedicure & Callus Peel

All of the above treatment plus a luxury foot soak in Epsom salts, additional hot booties whilst the Callus Peel is on. Finished with an all over foot care treatment.

* Feet soaked in Luxury Epsom Salts
* Callus Peel with heated booties
* Nails cut and filed
* Cuticles tidied
* Application of Nail strengthener (optional)
* Cuticle Oil

Heated Pedicure £40 
With Nail strengthener £45

** No nail polish is offered or included this is a foot care package ** 

Peachy Bum Facial

Peachy Bum Facial is beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots and targeting a variety of skin-care needs such as clogged pores, bottom acne and pigmented skin caused by laser, waxing or ingrown hairs. We recommend having a bum facial every 6 week for the best results.

Peachy Bum Facial £75

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